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MW-OPSW/1550nm Optical Path Selector

MW-OPSW optical path selector has an extremely low insertion loss. The main component is imported single-mode optical switch, and adopts MCU intelligent control technology and SMNP network management technology to make the performance better than others. It can work on modes of 2chosen 1, 1chosen 2 and two switch options. I9”standard chassis is adopted, it can be set automatically, manually and by network management. Random optical power and the chosen state are displayed on the front panel LCD or monitored by network management system. It is applicable to switch of optical path and optical devices which need high reliable operation, such as the 1550nm optical transmitter in front of Cable TV, automatic switch of optical fiber amplifier hot backup, optical routing about key protected optical path, ring net with self healing. It can also be used to dynamically configured CADM and OXC, system monitoring and fault protection. Switching power supply is draw-out type with structure of aluminum profile extrusion, it helps greatly to cooling and replacement. Besides it can make dual supply cold-heat backup.

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Technical parameter




Transmitting power



Inserting loss



Reflection loss



Polarization dependence






Switch time



Type of optical connector


FC/APC, SC/APC or specified by the user

Fiber type


Single mode