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MW-P0□B power supplies of magnetic saturation

We produce the high-reliable outdoors power supplies of magnetic saturation used by CATV specially. The quality imported silicon steel sheet, high strength enamelled wire,F class quality heat-resistant insulation varnish,the construction of combining quality industrial frequency transformer treated through the second high vacuum, high pressurization, high-temperature curing with electronic circuit , visualized output ampere-meter indication and operating indicator light under loaded condition which have front-view,overhead-view two indication directions are adopted, therefore the amount of work of installation and commissioning and daily maintenance is reduced greatly and it is safe and high reliability for long-term operation. The power supplies of magnetic saturation which has the functions of protecting full-automatic load short circuit ,stabilizing output voltage,correcting frequency,shaping waveform, eliminating impulse interference, thunder-proof protective circuits, radiofrequency signal interposer is used in the product. When load short-circuits,it will beep to alarm and power indicator will twinkle to alarm.After trouble is removed,it will recover to normal working condition,therefore the reliability of the operation of equipment is improved. The housing of chassis is rain-proof structure. With strong rust-proof ability and pure polyester Anti UV paint,it can be operated outdoors for 5~8 years without fading.

  • Features

  1. Voltage-stability range:When power grid changes among 176V-253V,full-load output voltage change is equal to or less than±3%。When power grid changes among 160V-280V,full-load output voltage change is equal or less than ±5%
  2. Load characteristic:When changing from full load to no-live load,output voltage change is equal to or less than 5%.
  3. Short-circuit protection characteristic:When output is short-circuited, input and output current are two times less than rated current respectively. When output voltage is o, short circuit for 30 minutes,constant voltage transformer will not be damaged at all.
  4. Frequency characteristic: When frequency change is 1%,output voltage change is equal to or less than 1.6%.
  5. Operating environment:ambient temperature-10℃~+60℃,adopt F-level heat-resistant insulation material to work continuously.