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MW-ONU standard optical workstation is designed for fitting the requirements of modern two-way HFC broad band transmission network . Down channel transfers by transferring the optical signal into radio-frequency signal. Up channel transfers by transferring the return electrical signal into optical signal. MW-ONU standard optical workstation outputs with standard four-line and two-way configuration. The output level of the standard configuration is 108dBV(0dBm optical output power input) The operating voltage is AC 60V. AC operating voltage 35V~90VAC. The standard optical workstation of MW-ONU can be set as single-way work and two-way work two working modes. The enclosure of MW-ONU standard optical workstation is designed by adopting waterproof cast aluminum enclosure liner and is suitable for field work. Various options and accessories can meet your various different function requirements.

  • Features

  1. 5-1000MHz two-way platform design.
  2. Plug-in bilateral filter. Various frequency division points can be optional and plug and play.
  3. Balanced and banked regulation are realized by adopting fixed attenuator way.
  4. Manual gain control. Gain 1dB stepped regulation.
  5. Imported receiving module cooperates with import amplifier module. The index is high and reliability is good.
  6. High level output improves down covering power.
  7. Plug-in return optical transmitting module realizes the upgrade of network.
  8. The directional coupler mode (-20dB)is adopted for about uplink and downlink test port to ensure the precision. 
  9. Adopt rowed luminescent tube to display visually optical output power and set optical output power monitoring and low power alarm indication.
  10. Adopt efficient switch power,voltage with wide application range.