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MW - MG855 depth of Internet behavior manager is a professional network management equipment, for the network managers to provide user authentication, web filtering, application control, flow control, content filtering, behavior audit, VPN, and other functions, which can realize full access to the Internet behavior management, optimize network, help users to maximize use of bandwidth value; In network management pursue precise and appropriate, human nature, and provide fine for managers, multi-dimensional, custom visual report, through this equipment can real-time control network. The product is based on the high performance of hardware equipment, high stability, Internet behavior management, general installation to export all kinds of local area network edges on a line, can choose according to actual circumstances, routing or transparent bridge deployment. Product integration for high-performance data capture driver, real-time content analysis engine, based on state of the parallel full text content matching technology, huge amounts of data retrieval and data mining, such as the core technology, stable and reliable operation, performance is remarkable.

  • Features

Professional Internet behavior management, improve enterprise efficiency.
Rich in audit report, improve corporate governance.
The diversity of real-name certification, ensure use safety.
Accurate flow control, improve the Internet speed.
Provide a VPN function, to ensure safe and effective interconnection and interflow between businesses.
Multiple network information filtering, prevent information leakage.